A Stylist will   advise you what your  body shape is, and have an idea of what your likes and dislikes are, as you would receive a detailed questionaire prior to your scheduled appointment.  There are so many Stores out there for you too choose from and what I will do for you is find the Stores to fit and suit your Style and Shape..   

This takes a lot of the running around,away from you, freeing your time. I will do the research and  have an  understanding of how certain brands will fit and we will have the Stores ready for you at our appointment, with  the Garments to choose and Fit..

Such an easy process and what Clients are finding is they are purchasing Garments with more Value, and the more valuable an item is we are more inclined to take care of these items more.. 

And so it is with Outfits and garments, we can purchase good quality garments which will last you a number of seasons and  then do not have the need for a Stylist too Audit your Wardrobe of approximately 80% of your clothing which has not been used..

As your Stylist understanding what your needs are and then finding the right Garments for your needs is how I can help take away the sometimes overwhelming difficulty of what to wear. As I mentioned before as women generally we are only using 20% of our wardrobes, so defining your style and the clothing that fits and helps you feel elegant and confident is how as your Stylist, I will help you. 

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