Do you find that often, we see the imperfections first,when we are lookinng at our body’s?

Do you find that often, we see the imperfections first,when we are lookinng at our body’s? We do not look at our stand out features uniquely ours, yet supposedly these flaws are seen by others as your most beautiful features ..

Let us see where this perception of our body shape comes into play, where the perception begins. When we were children we embraced what was different about ourselves and did not get into any negative conversation around our bodies. We would play in the backyard or play ground together with no thought around these shapes and sizes, we were ti busy playing and enjoying just being ourselves.

Where does this negative body dislike begin, I believe a lot of young mums express their tiredness, and unfavourable image when their dashing around doing 10 different tasks, and comparing herself to the images she is fed on televion & magazines etc, We are fed images of fairytale story’s, Princess Kate’s (love Kate) beautifully coffered by her aids in attendance, urealistic goalposts. This is where our children begin to hear such envy, and comparison, fabulous style conversations and observe a false ideal around how womens shape & sizes need to look.

So our children hear such conversations and the negative body comparing begins..

Regardless of actual body type or attire, many of us suffer from a barrage of self-critical thoughts.

People's views of their bodies are not only cruel but inaccurate.

What seems to be the underlying cause for the damaging thoughts that we harbour about our bodies? Our basic self-perception is shaped by both positive and negative programming from our past.. eg. When a parent or other significant adult persists in looking at a child’s face critically, that child will begin to incorporate that though or believe that there is something inherently wrong with him or her, particularly his or her physical self… Early experiences impact our way of seeing ourselves and remain sources for inaccurate self-criticism throughout our lives..

Challenging the voice is key to accepting our bodies. But when we o, we can expect to face some serious anxiety.. Acting against these thoughts is not just about confronting a few surface criticisms. I involves awakening a great beast fed on the belief that we are inadequate in some way.. Acting against its will by taking our goals seriously and feeling confident in our bodies will rouse the critic, which may get louder for a time.

The voice will eventually fade in the background , so when it tells us to keep our jumper on or to hide in the back of the room, it is important to throw caution, and remember that this act isn’t just about shedding layers of fabric, it’s about stripping yourself of years of self-doubt shame and misplaced criticism that just doesn’t belong in the here and now.. Dr. Lisa Firestone..

Critical Inner Voice..

Female body shapes have greatly influenced the way people view women, the role of women

Has far reaching effects, womans status, her lifestyle and the clothes she wears.

Certain industries like entertainment and fashion are fixated on a woman’s perfect body weight and shape.

These industries have searched constantly for the perfect hourglass figure, and women have used all means to achieve this shape, however the female form varies greatly.

Women’s body shapes have been defined as falling into one of the following categories:

A Frame (Pear shape or Spoon shape

H Frame (the ruler )

V Frame (cone shape)

Oval Frame or the Apple

Lastly the 8 Frame or the Hourglass.

For a time, the flat body, became a popular body shape or non-shape for females.

Simply because a flat body with no curves was easier to achieve than the perfect

Hourglass with fine proportioned features..

Women with this look had almost no body shape, even so this became popular for models for some time.

Women’s body shapes are determined by genetics and circumstance. A woman's bone structure dictates which areas of the body will be the widest and smallest.. Sometimes we as women cannot change our basic body shape, short of plastic surgery, and that is a whole different topic…

The A frame pear shape refers to a body shape that carries the majority of its excess fat in the hip, thighs and buttocks, the upper portion of the body including the waist and bust are relatively small. A better balance of body features could be achieved by widening the girth of shoulders and back through exercise, if you so feel the need, me I would say I’m happy an A frame, as long as I can eat what I want and light exercise…

The H Frame is seen on many females with athletic body builds, this shape portrays a wide waist and shoulder girth.

Ruler body shape is females whose measurements are relatively the same from top to bottom, chest hips and waist all have roughly the same measurement, her body is lean and has minimal body fat

The Vframe is a body shape that shows a shoulder width that is at least two inches wider than the females hips, woman with this frame tend to have thin legs and narrow hips combined with large bust. Widening the lower portion of the body can achieve a more balance image by

Bringing it in closer to that of the shoulders..

The Apple body shape is the female who has an average height, thin legs and a large bust, she gains weight around her midsection.

The 8 frame or hourglass, the bust and hips are close in size , many envy the female with this body shape because her weight gains and losses are typically distributed evenly across her body..

As much as people like to deny it, females are often judged by their body shapes, a large bust and small waist still receive appreciative glances, while a large waist only merits are you pregnant….

Attempting to find the ideal body shape along with an ideal body weight can do so only within

The limits of what they have to work with…

Eating healthy and Exercise is good for you, we need to be mindful not to become obsessive, or reactive. Remain confident in the Beauty that is you, and the amazing body that we are in..

So now you know a lot more on body shapes right?

You have found your shape?

What is your body shape?

So can you see how your shape effects the style of clothing you wear?

Finding that you can put all of this together would be a Dream right?

When you are looking for outfits, no more asking yourself, what is my Style!

So you can see that this Style works?

Recently completing a course on Dressing Your Truth, has given me another perspective on how we see ourselves and how we are seen by others. The female shape is never mentioned as the writer of the course believes that we are all influenced by out true form: Being Nature the Elements Colour and our personality.

Your personality type can affect your style outcomes.What we wear has a large impact on others perceptions of us, ( be true to yourself and not worry about that so much) but is really wonderful to feel balanced and in control..

How is it that some of us love the Elements of the forest whilst others love the beach.. Can what we wear be influenced by some of these factors.

What if I was to tell you that I have found another way of embracing your dress style , aligning this style , colour and shape to the type of person you are, dressing to what your personality and inner truth, aligns to you..

So that you can find out more about how colours and styles,work for you and how I have found that dressing to the true you makes so much sense..


Follow Your Style.

Figure 8, Hourglass, Curvy  all  descriptions of this glamorous shape.
Figure 8, Hourglass, Curvy

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