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Hello from Lucia

From a young age I loved dressing up,  in my grandma's pointy toed shoes, I still see me trying to balance them as a 7 year old.   We all have our journeys in life right? 

I began a Retail journey over 25 years ago , in the shoe industry, from there, I graduated to Garments and fashion ,having more than  20 years experience in the retail industry and Operating my  business.


The most rewarding and powerful knowledge I have gained is from helping women feel elegant and confident to step out in the garment outfit,  that they have chosen.   A Personal Stylist will help her personal style , which compliments who they are, and the Lifestyle they lead.


Sharing my knowledge and skills  gained whilst working with clients on their style and garment selections, has helped me gain a greater understanding of how women are not always sure and confident in their choices.


Coming from a Service   perspective has helped me gain customers confidence and find solutions efficiently. Owning and operating  a small clothing boutique,  from home enabled me to continue working with women to create, Style and clothing choices to suit their Lifestyles. 

Seeing women confident and comfortable with their own personal style and clothing choices, enables me to 

cultivate a Style culture. 




Clothing has an Intrinsic  way of lifting our spirits and vitality. 


Isn't it often the case when you are wearing something Fabulous you feel like you could take on the world.

Bringing you a way to always be aware of what your wear is half  of the solution.

Inspiring women to embrace their Natural Character whilst presenting a confident stylish personality. Helping you simplify 

your life,and embracing  your Beautiful personality to shine through to the World.

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Helping Women Create  Confident Clothing and Style Choice's.